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Sonic building rules

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1 Sonic building rules on Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:47 am

The Creator

The Creator
Site Owner
Site Owner
when you are building a sonic you heed 4 items: a casing, an emitter, a computer, and a power core. each case determines the number of slots a sonic has and has a code in spoilers that creates a table. this table cannot change the number of cells it has. just copy and past into your completed sonic topic.

the computer adds predetermined number of expansion mod slots and functions. there will be a spoilered table for it as well that cannot have the number of cells changed.

finally we have the power source. it doesn't have a table but rather a number of slots it can power. if your sonic has more slots than the power core can power then you either need to purchase more power cores or place NP (for NOT POWERED) in the cells that the core will not power.

now you can place any mod in to your sonic that says it will fit your case. there is no real limit to how many basic components you can put in your sonic so long as you have the slots.

it is relevant to note that if you have multiple emitters that you will need an emitter switching function that will take up a slot in your computer.

all sonics must be approved to ensure that these rules are followed

Thank you, The Creator

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