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The forum rules

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1The forum rules Empty The forum rules on Tue Mar 11, 2014 6:17 pm


Shop Keep
Shop Keep
Hey everyone! It's me, The10thdoctor! I'm here today to talk about some of the rules. I'd like everyone to read these, if you've got the time. 

These are the official rules of the site, which you should’ve read and agreed to when agreeing to the Terms of Use and Services while registering.  For those who did not read the rules, or cannot remember them, they have been posted here for reference.  The breaking of these rule or any rules will result in temporary or permanent ban (from the chat box or the site), temporary or permanent loss of priviledges (i.e. loosing the ability PM, post messages) or loss of characters, positions and ranks.  ANYONE, Admin or otherwise, who is caught in DIRECT VIOLATION of these rules will be subject to punishment.  Your punishment WILL match your crime, so pleased DO NOT break any rules.

**NOTE**: Any person or persons who violate the rules directly will be innocent until proven guilty until proven otherwise.  Judgement will not and shall not be passed upon any member, or members of this site until they have appealed their case to the Admins fairly and with equal time.  The final decision of punishment is up the Admins, but everyone is allowed to defend themselves and speak for what they’ve done.  If you are NOT given this right, PM or Email me or any of the Admins **(list provided below)**  By signing up for this site and by reading these rules, you have given us your consent that you understand the rules of this site and will abide by them, and that your punishment for breaking these rules are at the discretion at the Admins after all sides have been heard and all of the evidence and stories have been considered and discussed properly by all Admins.  All decisions on punishment are final, but may or may not be changed (i.e. shortened or lightened sentences OR worsened or lengthened sentences) depending on the actions (good or bad) of any said person who has been sentenced.  These rules listed below may ALSO be subject to change at the discretion of the Admins and necessity.  Also, anyone caught with a minor offence will not face punishment and will be let off with a warning (depending on the severity of the crime and the amount of evidence against them.  All of this is considered and at the discretion of the Admin.)  An accumulation of 3 warnings will result in punishment matching your crime.

OOC (Out of Character) Rules

1. No member or members, AT ANY TIME, should be found posting sexual OR harmful OR shameful OR hurtful OR offensive OR spam-related content, pictures, videos, links or otherwise. Any one found in possession of these will be punished.  Posting these is banned throughout the forum and includes areas such as the following:

i. Boards/Forums
ii. Chatbox
iii. Links
ix. PMs

2. No member or members at ANY TIME will threaten to hack or actually hack a member of this site or this forum.  ANYONE who is caught hacking this forum or a member of this site  WILL BE SEVERELY PUNISHED.  There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy to hacking on this site anyone who threatens to hack or hacks will receive a long loss of ALL privileges OR PERMANENT BAN from this site. DO NOT HACK.

3. No member or members at ANY TIME shall threaten verbally or physically, a member of the staff of this site.  If any member is caught insulting over judgement they've passed or for no real reason at all, you will be punished.  The staff are here to help you, and run the site, not to be take insults from members. Anyone caught in violation of this rule will face instant banning.

4. No member or members at ANY TIME will bully another member.  Bullying includes threatening of bodily harm, mentally abusing both through the act of threatening or by doing, performing slanderous acts against another person, etc.  Anyone caught in violation of this rule may face temporary banning or worse.

5. No member or member at ANYTIME should have possession of two or more accounts.  Multiple accounts are illegal, and are not accepted.  If you have NO REASON to make another account, DO NOT make it.  DO NOT make them for fun, DO NOT make them for more charries (characters), and DO NOT make them to get past a banning.  You will be banned for life if you do.

6. No member or members at ANYTIME should slander or slam another person behind their back.  This is considered deformation of character, and is a felony under the court of law. You can be sued for this by whoever you do this to, and you WILL be banned from chat or even the site if you do this. DO NOT deform another person's character behind their back. If you have a problem with them, say it to their face, and politely.

7. No member or members at any time will Godmod while Roleplaying.  The act of Godmodding is in essence when someone’s character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries and when they simply cannot be harmed by any and all means other RP-ers try. Examples of Godmodding are, but are not limited to:

-Killing or injuring a character without the player's express permission. 
-When they simply can’t be hit and dodge all attacks or anything for this matter aimed at them. 
-It can also be using other characters that other people RP with. In other words, if you do not RP as Legolas, then you cannot have Legolas say anything, or do anything, without the player's expressed permission. The only exception to this rule is in the canon section. since the episodes must start and end the same a player starting a topic must post the intro post exactly as the episode happened up until the credits role. after the credits role however they can only post what happens up till a nother player must post. this is the only exception. here is an example (wip)

The worst form of God Modding is when they make out another character to be what they’re not, just to make their own character seem superior. They make others seem weak, screaming for help, when they’ve made it quite clear about their advantages and strengths. This is called power-play. It’s a strain of God-Modding, but instead of just being irritating, it’s offensive to boot.

This is a prime example of God Modding: 

Player A: Punches Player B 
Player B: Dodges attack, grabs Player A and throws him. Player A flies at Player B, who warps behind him and slashes Player A in the back. 

As a result, anyone who is caught in violation of this God Modding or Power-playing rule will face temporary or permanent banning and/or (but not limited to) loss of privileges.

8. No member at any time will be caught twinking.  Twinking is an offense to other Roleplayers.  Twinking is defined below:

Definition: Twinking is defined as when one character forces an action on another character without their explicit permission. This can be thoughts, emotions, or even physical attacks/responses.

Explanation: This means, for example, that you CANNOT simply punch a person… you can only TRY to punch them. It is up to them to decide whether you have punched them not. It also up to them to decide the extent of the injury that results from it—you can’t decide that you’ve broken their nose. Only they can. You CANNOT make a person do or experience anything; you can only do so if they have said you can, or have given you standing permission to do so.

9.  You cannot simply enter a topic unless it is posted as OPEN or OPEN TO ALL in the topic title.  If the topic says CLOSED or PRIVATE or OPEN TO [Insert Username Here] then you cannot enter the topic, UNLESS you have the permission of one of the Rpers.  Furthermore topics where it is not specified as Closed, Private or Open to A Specific Person, then you MUST ask the permission of one of the people in the topic.  Topics labeled as FINISHED or LOCKED or DONE CANNOT and WILL NOT be entered by any other user, as the topic is done, and cannot be posted in.  There are virtually no punishments for breaking this rule other than your post--if irrelevant--will be deleted.  If it happens multiple times however, it will be considered spamming--especially if it is purposeful--and it will be treated as such.

Character creation rules

   timelords are allowed but there are rules on their creation:

  1. history must be different than the doctor, romana, rassalon, or the master. similar parts is ok, but making a copy of the listed time lords and calling them by a different name is not.
  2. all time lords are restricted to Gallifrey unless a unique reson on how they excaped is given. the following are not allowed

    • born off planet 
    • the doctors
    • the masters
    • fleeing at the last moment

    • tardis acquisition is also controlled. the following is locked:

      • lived in a damaged one that you later rebuilt
      • gifted from father
      • stolen

      And that's about it. Props for anyone that read the whole thing :p

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    2The forum rules Empty addendum on Sun Jun 15, 2014 4:18 pm

    The Creator

    The Creator
    Site Owner
    Site Owner
    all topic intro posts must be at least 4-8 sentences long and must contain a description of the area the topic starts in.

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