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The newest Savior (Open, CANDEH GET IN HERE!)

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1 The newest Savior (Open, CANDEH GET IN HERE!) on Sun Apr 27, 2014 8:50 pm


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((Yes, me and Candy agreed to the Savior and the Whisperer dating >.>))

The Savior saw the bright orange light starting to emit from his hand. He'd known this was the end of the 11th Savior. He'd known he was regenerating. He looked to his fellow timelord, and girlfriend, Candalynne, before playfully smiling and uttering the words "Seeya."

Large fire-like energy emitted from the Savior's head and hands. His pale skin started to fade to a darker color. His blonde hair turned into darker and darker shades until it was completely black. He started to grow simple facial hair. Finally the energy stopped. The Savior looked around, drinking in his surroundings, before looking at the woman before him. He simply stared for what seemed like hours before saying "Well then. Go on. Tell me why your in my-ooh, I like this one. Isn't my accent great? I feel like there's a little bit of Scottish in there, but-WOAH!!" he yelled, almost falling over. He grabbed the console, trying to land the two somewhere safe. He flipped lever, turning the fish tank into a giant window, revealing the time-vortex. "Wrong button! Let's see..." he said, switching a few more levers and buttons. A large robotic voice could be heard yelling "TARDIS DEADLOCKED. TARDIS DEADLOCKED." One of the monitor-like screens said "TARDIS DEADLOCKED. PLEAS WAIT A FEW MOMENTS BEFORE UNLOCKING IT AGAIN." as he tried reversing the switch. After waiting a few seconds, it said "TARDIS SECURITY MEASURES RETURNED TO NORMAL." The Savior ran to Candalynne, grabbing her and kissing her. "OH! I remember you! Kind of, that is. Sorry 'bout that, post-regeneration is weird....BUT THAT'S ASIDE THE POINT! WE'RE LANDING!!!" He yelled, as he looked out the windows. It looked like they'd landed in an alleyway in present-day London. "There we go. Now, I have a feeling that this outfit isn't really suiting me." He said, running into his TARDIS closet, a large room with thousands of clothes. He came back out, moments later, with a black business-like suit and a blue tie with white stripes. "I look good, don't I?" he said, smiling. He walked down to the large white storm doors, beckoning for Candalynne to follow. "Hmm. Nice...alleyway. Don't you think?" he said, looking back at Candalynne.

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Candalynne watched as his hands began to glow a shade of yellow. She smiled back at him and watched as he regenerated into a new form with black hair. She blinked a little at what he said before she realized it was a post-regeneration problem which would subside. She held onto the console tightly as the loud robotic voice of the TARDIS rang out. As soon as it was over she stood up straight just to be knocked off balance a little but she didn't fall over as he kissed her, she kissed him back and smiled. "I know what you mean, I am a TimeLord to remember?" She smirked before they landed and she went out the TARDIS and looked to him. "You look handsome as always." She smirked at him and kissed his cheek before she stepped out into the alleyway. "It looks... like a normal alleyway."

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The Savior looked around. "Oh come on! Any alleyway is a good alleyway!" he said. "Now, I think this is London, but I don't remember. Post-regeneration is weird...anyway!" He said, starting to proceed onto the sidewalk. " do you reckon we should do now?" He asked Candalynne, unsure of where they should go or what they should do. "I guess we should-wait, I forgot something!" He yelled, running back into the TARDIS. "Now...where did I keep that...oh. So that's where that switch is." He said, flicking a switch as the giant screen turned back into a fish tank. "Now let's see. Where did I put, no, I'm sure I won't need it right now." He said, walking back outside. "Or maybe I-honestly, I don't even know what I'm doing anymore." He said, annoyed at himself. "Back to the topic, what should we do now?" He asked.

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