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Bailey Jane Canttell

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1 Bailey Jane Canttell on Thu Apr 03, 2014 2:09 am

The Chameleon

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Site Owner

Name: Bailey Jane Canttell
Aliases: Jane

Age: 21
Birthplace: Bremen, Germany
Current Residence: Windsor, England
Occupation: "Business Owner"/ Assassin/Theif (business is hers and hers only)
Species: Human/Companion

Weapons: 2 knives, a bow and arrow


Birthday: April 1st, 1993
Blood type: A pos
Hobbies: Shooting
Quirks: Scar of eyelid, burns on back of neck, Phoenix tattoo on left shoulder.
Family: None- Orphaned, never adopted.


Hair: Blonde hair cut short and choppy, at longest it reaches her shoulders.
Eyes: Bright crystal blue eyes
Height: 5'7
Clothes: black boots, black cargo pants with a tan belt. Brown tank top peeking out under a dark green over shirt.
Body Type: Fit, Athletic, skinny, strong


Personality: Bailey is naturally a very cold and hardened person when you first meet her, but she grows into a kind and gentle soul when she is comfortable around someone. She would rather not kill someone if she didn't have to, and can not stand to watch other people get hurt around her without trying to do something about it.

Personal Strengths:
- Archery
- Running
- Intelligence
- Speed
- Being sneaky

Personal Weaknesses:
- Lonesome
- Lacking Social Skills
- Clumsy
- Danger-prone
- Accident-prone

Personal Hero: None
Dreams and Ambitions: Bailey wishes to be able to change some aspect of the world around her by experiencing more of it and embracing the customs of others around her.

- Oranges
- Reading
- Cherry Blossoms
- Movies
- Shooting

-Mis-treatment of others

Brief History:
Bailey Jane Canttell was orphaned at birth, sent from foster home to foster home until she was 16. At that time, Bailey’s foster family sent her to a military boarding school with the hopes of improving Bailey’s low social skills. During her studies, Bailey took up Archery as a tool to cope with the lonely feeling that surrounded her. She spent hours studying and practicing, making it to the top of her class. A few months after Bailey returned to her foster home the summer before her 18th birthday the home caught fire, sending explosions into the night. Firemen rescued Bailey just as an explosion from a gas pipe blasted behind her, scorching her neck. The investigation provided few witnesses and no suspect was arrested due to a lack of evidence. Bailey then began to use her middle name, Jane, on all documents and roamed the England countryside looking for work where-ever it may come. She began working for a group of men as a bodyguard, getting trained for hand-to-hand combat. Three years later, she works as a roaming assassin and thief, taking on jobs as she can and avoiding the police.

After roaming around for a while, Bailey ran into various different regenerations of the Doctor. She helped them out as often as she could, but had more fun and better times working with the 5th Doctor. It wasn't long after that he asked her if she wanted to travel with him and the TARDIS. Traveling with him was a great experience and she loved every minute of it. There were no policemen to run from, no people to kill. It was just her and the Doctor. However, their travels ended and she was back on the streets of Windsor, fending for her life when she overheard the familiar sound of the TARDIS. Running for it, she nearly ran over the 8th regeneration of the Doctor. They traveled for some time before she returned home once more, letting the Doctor go and travel all of time and space alone.

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2 Re: Bailey Jane Canttell on Sat Apr 05, 2014 3:30 am

The Creator

The Creator
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