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The 12th Savior

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1 The 12th Savior on Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:14 pm


Shop Keep
Shop Keep

Name: *ahem...*
Aliases: The Savior

Age: 1264
Birthplace: Galifrey
Current Residence:'s hard to say...
Occupation: Saving lives and making up rhymes!
Species: Timelord

Weapons: His sonic screwdriver


Birthday: (What day was your character born?)
Blood type: (Your character blood type)
Hobbies: time travelling, adventuring, being a hero
Quirks: He's a timelord


Hair: He has a black fauxhawk 
Eyes: Hazel brown

Height: 6'1
Clothes: His most seen outfit is a black suit with a white long sleeved inside and a blue tie. Sometimes wears glasses.
Body Type: average
Defining features: 
The Savior:


Personality: This incarnation is very charismatic and "the life of the party." although this can sometimes be annoying. He doesn't like to be bored or be without a companion, although he often travels alone. Although he's so charismatic, at times he is rather dark. 

Personal Strengths: His expansive IQ, his sonic screwdriver
Personal Weaknesses: Sometimes he's annoying, he gets himself into trouble easily
Dreams and Ambitions: 

Likes: The TARDIS

Good-looking women

Dislikes: Being corrected

Traveling alone
When the TARDIS gets damaged
Being bored
Evil people

Brief History: 

The Savior has been many things. Crazy, evil, good, adventurous, etc. Focusing on a few of those things, these are some of the major plots in his life.

As a child, his father took many trips to other planets, leaving him and the rest of his household at home. His father took trips with a special team that went and got archaeological gems and crystals, and brought them back to Galifrey. It was basically his job.

Him and his team getting attacked, the Savior's father died. On his dying words, he granted the Savior a TARDIS, and his own sonic screwdriver. In which he used to leave Galifrey to start a new life on a different planet, as he thought that a TARDIS would have no purpose if he didn't use it.

The first planet he went to was Earth. He thought Earth was good, until a couple years later. He remembered about the TARDIS being able to time-travel. Cautiously, he traveled back to 200 A.D. He began to enjoye adventure, and started to travel for the sake of it.

Few regenerations later, he was on his 4th incarnation. He'd had regenerated into a girl. He considers this incarnation one of his favorites, as it was a "Nice change of pace." He also often says, "The boys were booming over me."

On his 6th incarnation, he was evil. He was mean-spirited, heartless, and cruel. He doesn't like to consider this incarnation one of his REAL incarnations. At one point, he'd even lost his right to return to Galifrey, but that would change in his next incarnation.

In his 7th incarnation, The Savior returned to Galifrey to help with the Time War. He'd regained his right to return to Galifrey at this point, and was considered a hero on Galifrey, just for changing his entire evil persona to help his planet. He protected as many children and women as he could, although he was known as a coward, because he fled at the last moment.

Now, in his 12th incarnation, he travels the world in search of a companion and adventure.

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2 Re: The 12th Savior on Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:12 pm

The Creator

The Creator
Site Owner
Site Owner
work on the history. it could be the doctors history in a nutshell. it almost sounds like capaldi's doctor is doing an episode intro

also change how he escapes gallifrey. stealing a tardis is taken because the doctor already did it. rebuilding one that had crashed is also taken (alice rebuilt wonderland)

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3 Re: The 12th Savior on Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:07 pm

The Creator

The Creator
Site Owner
Site Owner

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4 Re: The 12th Savior on Sat Apr 26, 2014 8:09 pm

The Creator

The Creator
Site Owner
Site Owner
its not perfect but it is approved. go design your tardis and sonic.

gifted tardis and sonic are now locked. fleeing is now locked

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