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Jay Collins

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1Jay Collins Empty Jay Collins on Wed Mar 19, 2014 6:36 pm

The Chameleon

Site Owner
Site Owner

Name: Jay Collins
Aliases: The Chameleon

Age: 20

Birthplace: Ringtown, PA, USA, Earth
Current Residence: New York, NY, USA, Earth
Occupation: Soldier (weekend), Torchwood by occasion

Weapons: 9 mm hand gun (Baretta, black with black handle)

Birthday: May 26
Blood type: O Neg
Hobbies: Marksmanship Qualifying, Reading,
Quirks: Forgetful, but very intelligent and caring.
Family: Parents either Deceased or Abandoned her. Blind Sister, Callen (14)

Hair: Jay has mainly straight blonde hair with a darkened highlights and natural light curls.
Eyes: Normal shaped crystal Blue eyes with just a faint hint of green and brown at center.
Height: 5'7
Clothes: Tends to be found in a solid black tank top and green or black cargo pants.
Body Type: Skinny, athletic-like figure. Has tattoo of blue jay on lower back and blue jay necklace she wears every day. Tattoo:
Jay Collins Thcabf14

Jay Collins Blue_jay_heart_necklace

Image: (Optional) (face claim: Avril Lavigne)
Jay Collins Avril-11

Personality: Jay is fearless, unless it comes to snakes. In which, she refuses to be within 6 feet of the 'disgusting little creatures'. She fights with almost anyone if she knows that she is right and they are wrong. She keeps to herself, allowing only a few people to really get to know her or get near her. However, once someone does get to know her, she opens up to them like family.

Personal Strengths:
- Fearless Attitude
- Kind
- Hates Animal Cruelty
- Superior shooting aim
- Intelligent
Personal Weaknesses:
- Snakes
- Keeps to herself
- Un-Trusting
- Will Fight Anyone
- Forgetful
Personal Hero: None
Dreams and Ambitions: To travel the world and experience new things.

- Listening to music
- Going to the shooting range
- Reading
- Playing musical instruments
- Dancing

- Heights
- Swimming
- Liars
- Her past

Brief History: Jay grew up with a difficult family in a difficult time. She had been born an only child, but when she was 5, her mother gave birth to another little girl. Callen was a perfectly healthy child until she came down with a disease around age 2. Jay watched as her mother and father worked constant hours, only to have them come home and run straight for Callen to monitor the little girl. After a few months of the disease, Callen was better. Her parents began to fight every night after putting the girls to bed over who did what to cause Callen's blindness and who was going to make the doctors find a cure. It didn't take long for Joe to get fed up with being blamed for everything and he left without saying another word. Jay tried to help her mother with her sister, but she really just wanted to go play with other kids from school.
By the time Jay was old enough to go to high school, she had no friends going to the same school. Afraid that she would face the same problems with any new friends, Jay became an outsider. She sat by herself at lunch, did her own group projects and let the other kids just put their names on it, and didn't even bother with going to any school dances. Her sophomore year of high school, her mother passed away. Jay was sixteen and believed she would have to start taking care of her now 11 year old sister. She got a job at a local hunting store where she barely had to talk to anyone and tried to keep her sister and her from getting hungry. A neighbor passed by one day and asked where her mother was, upon hearing about the death the neighbor promptly called Child Protective Services and Callen was removed from Jay's care. CPS told Jay that because she was not of adult age, she could not take care of them both, but would be allowed to stay in her home by herself.
Jay never thought too hard about death, but every once and a while someone would try to start a fight with her about anything at the store. She had no problem kicking them out and refusing business to them, even fighting them herself. However, one day she was cleaning up the store to close and found a snake out by the dumpster. It was too dark to fully see if it was alive, so she threw the trash at it and ran back into the store. The next day, the store owner arrived to find a pile of trash that critters had broken open on top of a dead snake.
Jay still works with the shop owner but hoping to someday see the world, she enlisted with the national guard and became a soldier on the weekends. She hasn't had a chance to leave her home for anywhere exciting with the group, but has earned the nickname "The Chameleon" by her stealth and ability to use a bow and arrow as well as her ability to hide herself easily.

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2Jay Collins Empty Re: Jay Collins on Thu Mar 20, 2014 11:18 am

The Creator

The Creator
Site Owner
Site Owner

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