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fob watch tardis mark II. (wonderland)

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1 fob watch tardis mark II. (wonderland) on Mon Mar 17, 2014 5:14 pm

The Creator

The Creator
Site Owner
Site Owner
Character in current possession: Human 41-ICE (Alice)
Name:  fob watch tardis
Abilities: rebuilt tardis cloaked like a pocket watch. has external controls
Appearance:a fob watch with 4 crowns and a button. when opened the 4 crowns are used to set the day month year and time the user wishes to travel to. instead of traveling through the time void it pulls the user into a pocket of time that moves slower than normal time. a year is about 12 hours. when the button is pressed and the watch is placed on the ground the user can enter the tardis through a door the tardis projects. it is phycic so it can comunicate by placing words on the watch exterior but it is limited ( much like the doctors phycic paper does when someone sends it a message.) it is gold and the engravings are in Carrolls hand writing in honor of her friend. the face of the watch is writen in galifreyan.
Inside the tardis. while most tardises are large and mechaical looking this tardis looks kine a maze of hedges. the control room looks like a throne room with red hears decorating it. the tardis only has the control room 3 bedrooms and the conrol room archives and system based rooms. there are a few dead ends in the maze but she dont consider them rooms. alice is thinking of redecorating soon

Cost and Why: free. she lived in it as a child then repaired it
Upgrades and Mods:none yet

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2 Re: fob watch tardis mark II. (wonderland) on Mon Mar 17, 2014 5:15 pm

The Chameleon

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