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Cafrin Marie

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1Cafrin Marie Empty Cafrin Marie on Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:33 pm

The Chameleon

Site Owner
Site Owner

Name: Cafrin Marie
Aliases: None

Age: 992
Birthplace: Auros
Current Residence: Anywhere
Occupation: Time Traveler/Assistant
Species: Auros Assistant
Status: Noble by Relation

Weapons: None


Blood type: Unknown
Hobbies: Reading, traveling.
Quirks: Wont go anywhere without her red hood.
Family: Mother and Father- Unknown, Brother- Jonathon, "The Commander" *deceased


Hair: Medium length Brown Hair.
Eyes: Golden, almost yellow
Height: 5'7
Clothes: Red hooded cloak that covers her eyes, white/black bows in her hair, a white dress with black lave and a single black sleeve.
Body Type: Human like, slim and athletic
Cafrin Marie Id440813


Personality: Usually a very helpful person by rite, can sometimes be angered easily. She tends to distance herself from others, forcing herself to remain alone within her own mind. Cafrin has a tendency to play with the bows in her hair when bored or thinking of her past. She can also act very forgetful at times.

Personal Strengths: Ability to hide/blend in, tracking people.
Personal Weaknesses: time-travel cause slight wooziness, only relies on self defense.
Personal Hero: Jonathon, her brother.
Dreams and Ambitions: To move on from her past and be able to help people for the future.

Likes: Books, cats, helping others, kind people.

Dislikes: Guns, War, mentioning home

Brief History: I was born to a happy family,  I had a mother and father, a brother named Jonathon. They are all gone now, died in a war that we never should have been part of. I grew up on the planet Auros, training with fellow students to join my parents someday. Everyone had their own part in the world, their own mission. Jonathon graduated from the academy with high honors, and proceeded up the ranks of the planet's military to become "The Commander". I spent my teen years working with students and socializing. I have been known by my mission title, "The Cleaner", but I have many more important things to do than simply take care of what the other aliens leave behind on smaller worlds. I wanted to do something better than that for the universe.

A time agent taught us about moving from world to world, giving the best qualified students a Time Vortex Manipulator and the rest were taught how to set up teleport systems. I was handed a TVM after completing my seminars the third time, but I never wanted it. My brother pulled a few strings with his rank and managed to get me a transporter watch instead. That was the last time I saw him, or anyone from Auros. The Time War broke out, and we were stuck in the middle of it all.

Auros was a peaceful planet, full of people who's only goal was to help everyone. "The Assistance" was what everyone called us, and what made us a threat to those in the war. I assume that the Emperor believed we would only help the side that was fighting for the good of the universe, the side of the Time Lords, but what he may not have realized was that we were ordered that day to help both sides. We just never got the chance. The Daleks attacked moments after the first few ships left. 165 people crammed into escape shuttles and war ships, only to watch as the Dalek fleet vaporized the only home we had. One hundred of the assistants and sixty-five guards survived the attack. My brother's ship became a target of the Daleks after firing at it. I watched from my shuttle as the fleet destroyed Jonathon's ship, killing everyone on board.

I refused to pick up a weapon, but never let go of my transporter. I was given a mission to find a Time Lord and help them, but I was never allowed to become his companion or let him know of me. I was to be a silent assistant, one he would never see. I spent years after the war trying to find and locate a Time Lord, mostly to no luck, until I walked right into him one day. He was walking with some girl, a blonde, when I stepped back from the news stand and knocked right into her. She smiled and apologized before walking on with them, but I overheard what they were talking about.
"..aliens?" The blonde asked, looking joyful as she walked. "So are we going?" He replied, still looking at my general direction, a huge smile plastered on his face.

At first I believed I had heard them wrong and that they had to be talking about something totally different. I followed them, trying to stay out of their sight as they walked toward the center of the planet. I knew I had found a Time Lord, I just didn't know he was the last one until much later.

I guess I should tell you who I am now, seeing as though you have already read this far. I am Cafrin Marie, assistant to The Doctor and silent companion. I'll run into a few times, help him out with aliens, and risk my life in the process. I am a Time Keeper by title, recording his actions and mine throughout his life.

I lost the Doctor for some time when he first regenerated. The process was unfamiliar to me, but seemingly normal to him. He looked different, acted different, and just seemed different to me. I hardly recognized him when I saw him the first time. No one could mistake that screwdriver, that little lonely sonic screwdriver could easily belong to anyone but The Doctor.

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2Cafrin Marie Empty Re: Cafrin Marie on Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:58 pm

The Creator

The Creator
Site Owner
Site Owner

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