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human 41-ice

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1human 41-ice Empty human 41-ice on Mon Mar 17, 2014 3:12 pm

The Creator

The Creator
Site Owner
Site Owner

Name: Human 41-ICE
Aliases: Alice

Age: 2100 and on her 3rd regeneration
Birthplace: random moon
Current Residence: wonderland (Tardis)
Occupation: time traveler (all) and temporal clean up crew (Canon)

Weapons: none


Birthday: unknown
Blood type: ?
Hobbies: various
Quirks: quite mad.
Family: never knew them. she was raised on a badly damaged tardis by an ood


Hair: long and black with silver streaks that she dyes blue(her regeneration does not change her hair. her hair mirrors that of a woman starting to grey, at least when she forgets to dye it)
Eyes: her eyes are pale red so light that its almost white
Height: 5'3''
Clothes: crimson school uniform with a black tie. the pleats are black wears a tophat with a card in it (10/6). she also wears blue stockings
Body Type: thin but it hides an inner strength
defining feature:tramp stamp tatoo.(trying to blend in a bit. its green and celtic)
Image: (Optional)


Personality: quite mad. she thinks oddly and seems to like to quote lewis carols alice in wonderland (its the other way around really). she is quite caring however, willing to help those who need it. she also is able to act quite normal though her thoughts are anything but.

Personal Strengths:  Very high IQ. timelord-like regeneration. detailed knowledge of ood and tardis
Personal Weaknesses: mad as a hatter
Personal Hero: none
Dreams and Ambitions: (Does your character have a life goal or a dream?)

Likes: tea. caterpillars and top hats

Dislikes:  cats and playing cards

Brief History: Home Town/Planet:some random moon
History:too long to do everything so here are the highlights
year unknown. she was found as a baby crying on the ground by a group of ood that have made their home in a damaged and nearly destroyed Tardis. The Ood, hoping to take care of the child and serve her, began to raise her. They named her Human 41-ICE. When Human 41-ice was 150 (bout 10.5 physically), her Ood family passed away from old age, leaving her to take care of herself. In honor of the only parent she ever knew, Human 41-ice dismatled her home and began to build a new Tardis. She decorated it like any girl would, adding hedges and roses. she even modifies it to be a pocket watch with external controls

1865 ac:due to not making the tardis right, she falls out of the time vortex. She is surprised by landing in lewis carrolls back yard. She spent time with Lewis as he slowly became a close firned to her. there time together also inspired alice in wonderland as soon as she was able she went to work fixing her tardis. carroll followed her inside.

2359 ad: thinking she had repaired the tardis she tries to fast forwards time to 3000 ad. when something goes wrong she crash lands in a military garage. she lands on a vehicle that Sgt nitro (nickname) is working on. this unfortunately separates his arm. soon after he becomes a traveling companion and a friend.

1942: She decided to take Nitro to go dancing in a Jazz club in new york. While dancing the night away, Human 41-ice finds herself in the middle of the murder investigation of Sonny Berman's untimely death. It was reported the boy had died from a mere drug overdose; but upon further research by Nitro and Human 41-ice, the real murderer was found. Nitro walked into a random cupboard for wine to celebrate and found a lone member of the silence waiting there. The silence attacked and in the scuffle, Human 41-ice was shot in the shoulder by one of the club's guards.

1871 ac: Human 41-ice returned to pay a simple visit to Lewis Caroll after being away for a while. During her visit, the two talked openly about the vast possibilities of the unknown and the imagination. Within these talks, Lewis found his inspiration for Through The Looking Glass and other great stories. As she goes to leave in her Tardis, Lewis presented her with the gift. A top hat that he had fashioned just for her.

year unknown: regenerates for the first time after dying of old age. she lived to be 1500

480 bc: While witnessing the battle of Thermopylae a spear ricocheted off a shield and pierced her heart. knowing her existence would be relieved if she regenerated during the battle she fast forwarded time for it was quicker. mid way through the time skip she regenerated damaging the tardis and depositing her in 1969 during woodstock. she never visited carroll again, feeling her new appearance would severely harm their friendship. the decision breaks her heart. she spends the next s months traveling with hippies. she starts repairing tardis at this time and leaves a month later. she regenerated for the second time at 2100

2000 ac: she returns to earth a year after her regeneration (her time) and adopts the school uniform to blend in. during this time she also gets her tattoo

2014 ac: returns to earth after her Tardis malfunctions. she is precedes trying to repair it. she is attacked by the silence who believe she can save their race from the doctors influence. (this is where she is currently at) At least 2-3 solid paragraphs on this.

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2human 41-ice Empty Re: human 41-ice on Mon Mar 17, 2014 3:20 pm

The Chameleon

Site Owner
Site Owner
Approved! Have Fun!

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